Sarah & Hannah

These two beautiful girls are Sarah and Hannah!!  I guess I am going to date myself here, but I have actually gotten to watch these girls grow up.  Their family holds a very special place in my families heart and I was so excited when their mom contacted me about doing a sister session :) .

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This handsome little guy is Graham! I was so excited to get to do his newborn pictures.  He was about 13 or 14 days old today I believe.  He did so awesome the only time he got cranky at all was when he was hungry as we all do :) .  I was so happy with the shots we got in the time that we had. He is so precious and holds a very dear place in my heart.  I hope you enjoy his pictures.  Be blessed.

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This pretty little girl is Madelyn!! I happen to have the privilege of calling her my niece! She is such a sweet girl and has such a big heart.  We had a beautiful piece of land to get to go shoot on and it was a beautiful day.  We had a great time just hanging out!! We also had little minnie monster with us as well. She is a new addition to their family and she is very loved and super precious.  You will get to see her in the pictures below.  I love getting to shoot my own family I take a lot of pride in it! and We got some amazing shots and it always helps to have a beautiful subject :) . Enjoy the rest of the photos

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This is a very special family to me!! This is Jimmy, Sarah, And sweet Emmarese!! I went to high school with Sarah and we knew each other fairly well but were not real close then.  She was a grade younger than me.  Well here just a few months ago her sweet little family moved into our neighborhood and we were able to get back in touch and have formed a very sweet friendship!! I really do believe it was a God thing that this family moved here and we have been able to be a blessing to each other many times.  We went to a beautiful place in Denton for these pictures.

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